Dollars + Sense Program

Teaching our youth strong financial management skills will help them meet the challenges of the future.

Dollars + Sense is one way to ensure the future success of tomorrow's leaders - on The way up.

Teaching Life Lessons in Dollars + Sense

City National Bank's Dollars + Sense Financial Literacy Program provides financial education in the communities in which we live and work. Today, more than ever, teaching young people sound money management skills is critical to their future success. Students who learn how to save money and manage their finances are more likely to grow into wise and responsible consumers.

How it Works

Dollars + Sense consists of lessons that are easy for City National colleagues to teach and easy for students to learn in only one hour. Each lesson offers age-appropriate experiential learning activities involving role-playing, activities and small-group discussions on money management and consumerism to help young people develop lifelong savings habits. Various topics include:

  • Saving and fiscal responsibility
  • Credit smarts
  • Basic bank services
  • Managing a budget
  • Keeping you money safe
  • Smart choices and financial decision making

Customized and Flexible Lessons Plans

Dollars + Sense provides the tools for City National colleagues to plan, prepare, promote and present engaging and educational lessons to students in grades K-12. There are four lessons at each grade level and they support existing school curricula. Designed to be flexible, the lessons are modular and stand alone. They can be taught independently of one another in any order or can be taught over time at a series. Each lesson plan contains:

  • Lesson overview
  • Student learning objectives
  • List of materials needed
  • Activities to complete during the class session
  • Teaching suggestions
  • Age-appropriate activity books and giveaways are available to encourage on-going learning at home.

Where is Dollars + Sense Taught?

Dollars + Sense may be taught in schools, after school programs or to youth groups. City National colleagues are encouraged to seek opportunities to teach Dollars + Sense to low-to-moderate-income populations where the need is greatest. Some suggestions for organizations include:

  • Public or private schools, grades K-12
  • After-school programs
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Scouting groups
  • Faith-based youth clubs

Dollars + Sense utilizes the American Bankers Association Education Foundation's Teach Children to Save program materials.


To bring Dollars + Sense to your organization, contact Jennifer Nickerson at (213) 673-7603 or